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Thanks for all your donations, we greatly appreciate it!  That's why our Clan Coyote Website is up and all Content Free for all MechWarrior's

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Thanking MW's of MechWarrior4 Mercenaries here on this WebSite/GameRanger/ISP/MWO/MWLL/EU

Thanking Ragman, LaocheXe, Ghost Rider, ABP, Optimus Prime, Oneshot, VVraith, Frankenstein,VVar Hammer, Ares, Tbolt, Devastator, FROST, Zombei, Tailgunner, Commander A9, TV, Battle Star, Beowulf, Mr. Dillon, Mad Dog and Others {to many to mention you know who you are, sorry} who have helped support our MW4M Game and keeping it alive. ESPECIALLY, ALL the MW4M Players who play each night. I Salute all of You MechWarriors. If my Memory servers me correctly, Clan Coyote is the only remaining Clan that never went off line. Clan Coyote has out lived all of the Big Boys. Always online {except for Maintenance of the Server} with our Dedicated Server on Game Ranger Offering MW4M 3.1 Free Release, Mission - Co op, MW3, Vengeance Etc.,. Experimenting with Tunngle, Direct IP, Newest: Quadrology August 2016 etc.,. GhostRider convinced me Approximately 6 Years ago or longer now to put up a Dedicated Server on GR because his information to me at that time was: Microsoft, MekTek, MWL, as well as others were going to stop supporting MW4M within 2 years. That is exactly what happened. Later Introducing Xbox for the younger set. Leaving us dedicated MW4M MechWarriors alone by ourselves. Many have help support our game and that's the reason our MW4M Game is still being played in 2017. I believe the Oldest Game still being played on the Internet. Correct me if I am wrong. Who will pick up the Torch and continue this support of MW4M when I am no longer on this Earth? The end of our existence will come sooner or later to all of us, BE PREPARED. I want to thank all of the MW4M Warrior's, Friends and Guests who come here. If there is anything we, Clan Coyote can do to make our MW4M Game better, let us know.  If you leave with no intentions of coming back,    I should be able to Correct the Problem!

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